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Client Testimonial

"Having found the property  I felt responsible for everyone else's experience, I just wanted to say "Thank you" to you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful space."

Carol, London 2007.


Designing and setting up your Villa's Website

Creating a website for your Villa and putting it onto the internet with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is difficult, costly and time consuming.  But it is vital to your success in renting out your Villa.

We are experts at creating web sites for overseas Villas.

It is very important for you to be able show your potential clients what your Villa is like and to provide lots of photos and information about the area and amenities near your Villa.

An example of one of our Greek Villa websites is:

www.ritchiepropertyrentals.co.uk/zante. Take a look at the website.

If you wish us to create a similar site for you we will be happy to do so. We will design and set up a site for you and maintain it so long as you are a client of ours.

You should recover the cost of setting up the website in the first year of rentals.

Your website will be placed on our domain at www.ritchiepropertyrentals.co.uk/yourVilla'sname.

It is best to start advertising your Villa in the Autumn of the year before the rentals start.  If you start later the key selling period (December through to April) will be reduced.

Most of our owners obtain yields of between £15,000 and £40,000 per annum for holiday rentals of their Villas.

Already have a website?

Good, so long as your website provides the necessary information about your Villa and the locality there will be no need for us to create a site for you.  All you will need is our advertising and bookings services which are described on the Services page.

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