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Client Testimonial

"Having found the property  I felt responsible for everyone else's experience, I just wanted to say "Thank you" to you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful space."

Carol, London 2007.




Menu of Services:


You are free to choose the service which you desire to help you rent your Villa.

Ask us to:

[1] Advertise your Villa and arrange holiday bookings;


[2] Advertise and arrange bookings AND build a website for your Villa and place it on the internet;


[3] Provide the Gold Service - we visit your Villa, we take all the photos and build a website for your Villa. Then we advertise and take bookings for your Villa.

The option which most Villa owners choose is number [2].  You provide us with digital photos and a full description of the Villa and fill in the application form and we do the work.



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