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Client Testimonial

"Having found the property  I felt responsible for everyone else's experience, I just wanted to say "Thank you" to you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful space."

Carol, London 2007.


Rental Income




We do not handle your money at any time. 


The deposit and the rental income is paid by the holiday renter directly to you.



Freedom to rent


We do not seek exclusivity over your Villa.


You are free to rent the Villa to your friends, family or anyone else.


At the start of the season you give us the availability dates. If these change during the season you inform us by e-mail before the change is made.


Example of rental income with our service:

You have a Villa in the Zakynthos.


It has 3 bedrooms and a pool.


You hire us to build a website, advertise and take bookings from the Autumn of 2007:

1st year 2008:


Bookings: 15 weeks @ £2,000 pw =                   £30,000


Website: £ 2,000
Advertising 3 sites: £ 600
Booking fees: 15% £ 4,500       =                  
     £ 7,100

Your profit:                                                      £22,900

2nd Year and subsequent years 2009 - :


Bookings: 15 weeks @ £2,000 pw =                 £30,000


Advertising 3 sites: £ 600
Booking fees: 15% £ 4,500  =                     
     £ 5,100

Your Profit:                                                    £24,900


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