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Client Testimonial

"Having found the property  I felt responsible for everyone else's experience, I just wanted to say "Thank you" to you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful space."

Carol, London 2007.


Our Fees




We do not handle your money.  The deposit and the rental income is paid by the renter directly to you so your money is completely safe.


Advertising Your Villa:

You can choose the number of internet advertising villa websites you wish us to place your Villa upon:

1 site: £200 pa
2 sites: £400 pa
3 sites: £600 pa
4 sites: £800 pa and so on

The more sites that you choose to advertise with, the more bookings you are likely to get.

We recommend that you instruct us to choose a minimum of 3 sites.

Booking Fees:

For each holiday rental which we obtain for you we charge only 15% of the rental obtained.  You receive the fee direct from the renter.  The booking fee is payable 14 days after receipt of the rent.

Designing and setting up a website for your Villa:

You are free to choose how large you would like your Villa's website to be. 

5 pages:       1,000

10 pages:     2,000

and so on.

We recommend that you start with a Villa website 5 pages long.


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